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Welcome to Contemporary Judaica Designs, your source of Judaica, Jewish and Israeli gifts, and modern artistic jewelry and designs. We offer the finest selection of contemporary Mezuzah cases, Mezuzah Scrolls, Menorahs, Candleholders, Jewelry, Hamsa Hands, Pomegranate key rings, and many other special gifts for Weddings, Brits, Yom Tov, birthdays, holidays, job promotions, and all sort of other occasions. Our Contemporary Judaica Designs line features an inventive, playful artistic objects, and jewelry that combine a wide array of cultural association and humor. With nature as an inspiration, meaningful elements are symbolically represented in a fresh, innovative, and aesthetic way. Fine workmanship and technical mastery are melded with traditional technology, resulting in a clean contemporary style and look.

All our upscale, high end products are made in Israel by Jewish Israeli artists and are gift wrapped in a way that represents the line. Our products are hand crafted, not part of a production line, and are unique in many ways. Our Contemporary Judaica Designs are globally recognized and available in fine retailers worldwide including in Jewish museum shops in Germany, Israel, Canada, and the USA.

Our Contemporary Judaica Designs have been globally recognized and displayed at the following world-class venues:

  • Jewish museum Shops in Germany, Canada, Israel, and United States.
  • Our products have been included in private collections by the Israeli Prime Minister Office as gifts to foreign heads of state.

International and Israeli press:

iVillage December 2011

iVllage has just featured our Pea Menorahs on their BEST HANUKKAH MENORAHS 2011 review:

Light the Candles in Style: 23 Beautiful Menorahs

Hanukkah kicks off at sundown on December 20. Celebrate with one of these unique menorahs made from

porcelain, marble, cast iron, wood, silicone, steel and more (24 Photos). Check out beautiful # 8

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The Sabra Menorah is one of the featured Menorahs by the NY Time’s Jonathan Adler in his review “To Light the Nights”. The Sabra Menorah is one of our finest products, and is also available at the Jewish Museum in NY. View full story here.

Tradition With A Flourish Tradition With A Flourish  (New York Times  11/12/2003)
The Sabra Menorah is made of aluminum disks inspired by the elliptical leaves of the sabra plant, a cactus indigenous to Israel. Made by Anat Basanta, an Israeli artist


Turning on flames Turning on flames  (Haaretz  9/12/2003)
The artist Anat Basanta offers a modular aluminum Menorah shape as the sabra plant leaves and can be re-arrange in a new design every day.
Happy Passover Happy Passover  (Haaretz  18/03/2004)
An aluminum cast Passover plate made by Anat Basanta. Has a clean, sculpture lines that only implies to the tradional look of the Passover plate.



Foot over foot Foot over foot  (Maariv  30/03/2005)
The little leg is based-on a foot print of a baby, made of aluminium cast and designed by Anat Basanta. Great original idea for birth, openning a business, travelling or any other new beginning.
Flourishing Hannukia Flourishing Hannukia  (Maariv  17/12/2003)
The artist Anat Basanta offers some originaly designed Menorahs. Among these there is the Sabra Menorah which has nine different size "leaves" that can be re-arrange in a new design every night.



The 64,000$ Question The 64,000$ Question  (Cal Pleasure  1/09/2006)
Anat Basanta is an artist who create/design a "Israeli Judaica" elements. Her works, artisticly and practically, dialog with israeli culture, tradition, and origin., Israel's Leading News and Entertainment Portal is Featuring the Contemporary Sabra Menorah by Anat Basanta in their Top-10 Menorah list

חדשות תוכן ועדכונים 24 שעות - Ynet

The following piece is from YNET, as for they rank their top-picks for Hannukah Menorahs. Our Sabrah Menorah is on display at the prestigious gift shop of the Tel Aviv Museum,7340,L-4156767,00.html


חנות מוזיאון תל אביב לאמנות מציעה מגוון חנוכיות מעוצבות וייחודיות פרי עיצובם של אמנים ישראליים ובינלאומיים. והנחות

  לכבוד החג. טווח המחירים1,000-120 שקל. שד' שאול המלך 27, תל אביב


חנות מוזיאון תל אביב לאומנות (צילום: שחר פליישמן)