About Us

Welcome to Contemporary Judaica Designs, your source of Judaica, Jewish and Israeli gifts, and modern artistic jewelry and designs. We offer the finest selection of contemporary Mezuzah cases, Mezuzah Scrolls, Menorahs, Candleholders, Jewelry, Hamsa Hands, Pomegranate key rings, Lucky Charms, and many other special gifts for Weddings, Brits, Yom Tov, birthdays, holidays, job promotions, and all sort of other occasions.

Our story begins 15 years ago when creative and innovative Israeli artists started to showcase their fine, clean, and contemporary collections in galleries, specialty stores, and museums in Israel. The response to the line was overwhelming. Because our contemporary designs are so special and unique, and since all the items are hand-crafted, our line gained great reputation for its exclusivity and uniqueness. With the years, we have added more and more products to the line and expanded it to include not only Judaica related items such as Mezuzahs, scrolls, gifts for Jewish holidays and so forth, but also everyday items that appeal to everyone and every occasion. For example, our Best Foot Forward was our best selling item in 2009 and 2010 and our Lucky Charm Hamsa Hands have always been among our best sellers.

As years passed and our distribution in Israel has grown, we have noticed that there is a solid international demand for our products. As our upscale line of products is being showcased in the most exclusive retail locations in Israel, such as Mamilla Center in Jerusalem, Museum Shops in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to name a few, we realized that there is a global demand for the line. Once we realized that international tourists to Israel purchase our Contemporary Judaica Designs and ship them overseas and once we started to get more and more orders from many countries around the world we have decided to launch our global headquarters in the USA.

Contemporary Judaica Designs strives to furnish you with the best shopping experience. All of our products are made in Israel by Israeli artists that are hand-picked. Our products are hand-crafted and are not made in massive production lines or in large factories in Asia or elsewhere. Furthermore, to enhance the value of our designs, all of our items are already gift boxed or gift wrapped in a way that fully represents the line. Therefore, we are just the perfect source for any gift idea for any occasion.

Our Contemporary Judaica Designs line features an inventive, playful artistic objects, and jewelry that combine a wide array of cultural association and humor. With nature as an inspiration, meaningful elements are symbolically represented in a fresh, innovative, and aesthetic way. Fine workmanship and technical mastery are melded with traditional technology, resulting in a clean contemporary style and look. As part of our innovative development we add new and fresh designs to our collection all the time, and always try to make it more complete and more reflective of the artists we represent.

Our Contemporary Judaica Designs are globally recognized and available in fine retailers worldwide including in Jewish museum shops in Germany, Israel, Canada, United Kingdom, and the USA.

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